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The Old Hen B&B closed May 31, 2014. We recommend The Roaring River B&B 425.888.4834 and The Log Cabin B&B 425.533.8278 for your North Bend get-away. Please stay tuned for Deanna and her daughter (affectionately known as Dotter) Brittany's food truck plans as seen on New Day Northwest - The Old Hen on Tour coming soon! Here's to starting from scratch. Talking about The Old Hen online? Our hashtag is #theoldhen . Thank you so much for supporting us!

Mini Chicken Eggs

The teens have started laying eggs. Yay for mini omelets!



Turns out it does not take 12 hours to chill a Diet Coke in the freezer.


Mickey Mouse Carameled Apple Pie

Mom: Let’s make a pie.

Son: Let’s make art.

End result: Pie art.



Quite possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever created besides my children.




Watering the lovelies even if they didn’t really need it.


A Day at Pike Place Market

Yesterday I was reminded once again of how much I really love where I live (although I think this pretty much everyday). The northwest is so eccentric and adventurous.

Yesterday, this girl from the adventurous Snoqualmie Valley visited the eccentric Seattle Pike Place Market. My friend, Mandy, from Gourmet Mom on the Go blog invited me to a luncheon in her home which was sponsored by this little bottle.

After shopping together at Pike Place and learning about fish from the fish mongers, we went to Mandy’s and made lunch with our fresh ingredients and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! Can I tell you how fun it was not just talking about cooking but instead actually cooking with fellow Seattle foodie bloggers?

Last week Mandy was hangin’ at Paula Deen’s house and this week she chose to hang out with me. She really knows how to make a girl feel special.

You can see more about my day with Mandy, Lindsey, Jamie, & Emme (Emme will be on this season of Master Chef on July 27th on Fox) at Mandy’s blog.

Thank you to our hosts, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter and Mandy, for a fun day!


Homemade Caramel Sauce & Caramel Latte Sundae Recipe

Yay for summer! Yay for ice cream!

I do enjoy my homemade sauces so today I’m sharing this thick & yummy caramel recipe with you!

First, get your participants lined up since caramel is SUPER HOT and SUPER FAST cooking.

  • 1 1/2 cups sugar
  • 1 stick of butter (1/2 cup)
  • 3/4 cup heavy whipping cream
  • salt (optional)

Caramel is like the pretty girl you meet that you think is stuck up but as it turns out she’s really sweet. It might be intimidating at first but as long as you stir it a lot, it’s really easy to make.

Using a large, heavy-duty pot. I know, right? By the ingredients listed, you’d think a small pan would be fine but nope. Caramel needs plenty of space for it’s bubbly personality. Place all of the sugar into the pot over medium-high heat. Continuously stir and watch it morph into a sugary liquid. Seriously, this is the best part. Oh, and look – a storyboard.

Once again, out of my love for you, I have taken the liberty of giving each phase a scientific description that you can relate to when you make your own sauce.

1. Sand with tiny particles in it. It’s all I got. I was at the beach recently. Stir! Stir Stir!

2. Tiny particles with sand in it. Okay, this is more difficult than I thought it would be.

3. My 7th grade rock candy science project. That’s the year I knew I would never be a scientist.

4. My very first homemade gravy. Hey, now. No time for giggles. Keep your eyes on the prize!

After the sugar is fully melted, it’s time to add the stick of butter. Remember to keep stirring!

When butter is almost finished melting, remove pot from heat and stir until butter is completely melted.

Next, pour in the heavy whipping cream. After bubbly foam dies down a bit, stir immediately and watch as it swirls into all of its caramel goodness. Stir until all the whipping cream swirls are gone and you see caramel sauce!

Yay for caramel sauce!

Caramel Latte Sundae

Step aside, coffee shop… coffee ice cream, homemade caramel sauce and whipped cream topped with coffee beans are the new cool beans.

*This recipe makes one pint of caramel sauce which will keep wonderfully in the refrigerator in a canning jar.



So grateful my kids allowed me to come to the movies with them in spite of my mile-high Skechers.

Come to think of it, they did put me in the back seat with tinted windows.


Butterscotch Glaze Frosting Recipe

I made this recipe up on the fly to go with my hummingbird cake but after making it, I was thinking of so many other ways it could be enjoyed.

In a medium bowl, add 1/4 cup (a half a stick) butter to 3 cups of powdered sugar. Then add 1 cup of evaporated milk or whipping cream and stir.

Place one cup of butterscotch chips into microwave for about 30 seconds at a time & stir between each heating. You will probably need to heat for a total of 90 seconds when the chips will be half melted. Stir until they are completely melted. Add melted butterscotch to frosting.

Thank the good Lord for the enlargement feature so we can enjoy a bigger portion. I thought I was proud of myself for actually taking the time to sift flour earlier today. Holy cow! My family won’t even want to be around me when they see what this gorgeous glaze has done to my pride-o-meter. Please. Enjoy. I know me and my pride are.

See this butterscotch overdose uponhummingbird cake here.


Hummingbird Cake with Butterscotch Glaze Recipe

A few weeks ago, a hummingbird had made his way into the bed & breakfast without reservation. After running into the window several times, I finally heard his cry and figured out what the noises were and brought in the bird rescue forces.

Here is the rest of the story in pictures:

“Careful.”  As you can see, I have the gift of encouragement.

“Can we keep him? I will love him and feed him and call him George.”

A close up so you can appreciate his teeny, tiny sweetness.

Lest you wonder if I used him in the hummingbird cake… No, I would not be capable of such a deed. After his 15 minutes of tame, he was off to his next adventure. I hope he enjoyed his stay. I am still waiting for his review on Trip Advisor.

After meeting Mr. Hummingbird, I was inspired to make a cake that I had not heard of since I was a little girl.  As usual, I enjoy making usual things a bit unusual so this hummingbird cake has a delightful new twist. Well, okay a few twists but I think you will like every turn!

Toss 1 cup of butter (2 sticks) and 2 cups of sugar into mixing bowl and cream together well.

Add three eggs and 1 teaspoon of vanilla. Mix well.

Peel two ripe medium bananas and mix in well.

The more ripe (brown) they are the, the better. You can save bananas for recipes like these in the freezer too. When they become too ripe to enjoy, just peel, put in a baggy & toss in the freezer. I like to save them one per baggy which allows me to easily count them out for smoothies or recipes like this one.

Add 1 1/2 cup fresh or canned crushed pineapple. Are you catching on to how this cake got its name yet? Yeah, me neither.

Sift all remaining dry ingredients:

  • 3 cups of cake flour
  • 2 teaspoons of baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon of salt

I am always far too proud of myself when I take the instructions of sifting seriously. Add & mix until dry ingredients incorporated without over-mixing. Over-mixing will make the dough tough in some recipes.

Then add one cup of coconut, 2 teaspoons of cinnamon & a dash of freshly ground nutmeg.

Here is the big twist. One cup of macadamia nuts and  one cup of white chocolate chips. I’m pretty sure you are either gonna love me or hate me for this. If you just started your diet this week, I sincerely apologize. Now give your mixer a few more whirls just until the goodies are mixed in.

Coat two 9 inch baking pans (circles or squares are both great) with baking spray (or smear with shortening and then dust with flour) and get ready for the goodness that is named hummingbird cake.

Bake at 350 degree pre-heated oven for about 30 minutes or until cake tester comes out very clean.

This cake will be gone as fast as Mr. Hummingbird. Hey, maybe that’s why… hmmm…

Okay, we’re not done yet. A cake as special as this deserved a very special frosting. And so it was. And it was so heavenly, it deserved its blog post. And so it was.

Yeah, I know, right? See you there!




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