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The Old Hen B&B closed May 31, 2014. We recommend The Roaring River B&B 425.888.4834 and The Log Cabin B&B 425.533.8278 for your North Bend get-away. Please stay tuned for Deanna's cookbook plans. Here's to starting from scratch. Talking about The Old Hen online? Our hashtag is #theoldhen .

Calico Cupboard Old Town Cafe and Bakery in Mount Vernon, Washington

Mount Vernon, Washington is lovely for oh so many reasons. Mount Vernon has everything you’d expect in a reviving old downtown district with nearby seafood and tulips, all in the middle of beautiful farm land.

While you are visiting, you can enjoy the fruits of the farmer’s labor in a giant brick building (which cannot be missed) called the Calico Cupboard Old Town Cafe and Bakery.

Cinnamon French toast. Glory be!

Seafood omelets.

Or you know, a dreamy lunch or dinner.

And a bakery for those on the run (or for those who just can’t get enough).

In the mood to take your time? The Calico Cupboard Old Town Cafe and Bakery shares the space with a beautiful gift shop next door, the Re-Feathered Nest. I highly recommend both… especially if you just want to feel happy.

Calico Cupboard Old Town Cafe and Bakery online:




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