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How to Cook Bacon For a Crowd


After discussing squashed squash, one can only assume it is appropriate to follow up with baking bacon. No?

While cooking breakfast for six people at a time at my inn plus a family of bacon snitchers, I was forced to figure out a way to cook bacon for up to a dozen people at a time. My answer to this very serious problem was to bake bacon in the oven.


You will need a roasting pan with shallow sides so that your bacon can brown and not simply steam. Or, better yet, you can use a half sheet pan with sides which will also keep the excess grease in the pan.  No one needs a grease fire, after all. Preheat your oven to 350F then line thick-cut bacon in a row. If you choose regular-cut bacon, you’ll just want to watch your cook time closely because it will probably take less time to cook. A half sheet pan will fit about a dozen slices at a time. For easy clean up, just line the pan with foil. This works great for many things, like salmon, etc.

Have you ever had a grease fire? I don’t mean to brag, but I have. If you throw water on a grease fire, it will multiply your fire. Never do this. A bunch of salt can help put a grease fire out. I always keep a large container of sea salt handy for cooking… or small grease fires. Once I had my self-cleaning setting on my oven and a fire broke out inside. Always learn how to stop clean-mode on your oven so you have the knowledge inside of you when you need it. I hadn’t. But, I did think to push the door closed as tight as I could and suffocated the oven fire. Take that, oven fire. I’m sure well-seasoned cooks know this stuff but figured I would take one fore the team and share this info for new cooks.


You can bake a few pans at a time but will need to carefully rotate the pan locations so they bake evenly. I recommend turning bacon over half-way through baking time. Baking bacon usually takes about 30 minutes total.

If you are using one pan over and over again, be sure to pour the excess bacon grease into a container and set aside. Bacon grease is wonderful when kept in a mason jar in the refrigerator. Try stir fried rice or green beans or beef pieces fried in it. You’re welcome.

To be sure your bacon is done cooking, pull out a meat thermometer and make sure the temperature of the bacon reaches at least 145F.


Place all bacon upon a few paper towels to drain excess grease. You could place it on a pretty platter, but let’s be honest. It’s never gonna make it there once the crowd smells the sizzling, bacon-y goodness.

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