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A Successful Breakfast

What is a successful breakfast?


A successful breakfast at my table is not defined by the perfect oily, French-pressed coffee.

Breakfast here is not defined by my witty personality and mischievous, sparkly brown eyes and humble ways. See what I did there?

Breakfast is not defined by the number of guests at my table.

Breakfast here is not defined by the clean plate club – although, admittedly we do rejoice when this occurs.

No, breakfast here is not defined by those things.

Breakfast at my table begins with laughter over foreign language misunderstandings, it is where friendships are made, and where conversations end with address exchanges, international hugs and cheek kisses.


I love my breakfast table and you are welcome anytime.

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3 Responses

  1. Michelle Aandahl

    You are adorable. One of these days we’re going to come hang out with you at get some of those hugs, share much laughter, and converse with our sweet friend!

  2. Having the right kind of breakfast to start the day right is good. I always go on places that offer good meals because I am very particular with those things.

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