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Rows and Issues and Stuff

This month I accomplished one of my life goals. I organized my spices into matching jars and placed them in order.


*I measured my space and then decided on the perfect bottles for me. I bought larger ones for spices I had in larger quantities. 


I am not terribly compulsive. Unless you count my perfectly chosen vanilla bottle ribbons in perfect rows. Not compulsive. Just glorious.


Then there was that one morning I had to mix and match the plates at the breakfast table so that no two of the same color were right next to each other. Yeah. That only happened once. Okay, I’m lying. It happens daily.


I suppose I can be kinda big on rows when I line the chicken eggs up to dry. But it just makes me so very happy, you know?


Well, because ten ice cubes per water glass is just the right amount.


And the linens? Well, they need to be stacked by color because it makes it easier to find what I need. That, and it makes my soul jump for joy.


See that row of four on the left. Yeah. It’s driving me bonkers. Okay. I give. I need help. And one more ham-wrapped asparagus. And help.

That being said, I now have an organized spice storage system. I am one happy girl with issues. Now, please pass me the chili powder. You’ll find it right after the chervil.  Thank you for listening.

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  1. Winston

    Two things – Please tell me you are not buying pumpkin spice and smoked paprika is out of place (unless you change the label to “Paprika, Smoked” – then I would let it slide).

    • Some of the spices ere out of order for about 10 minutes hile I as filling the drawer but they are no as they should be. I promise. I died a little inside hen I noticed the mess. 🙂 Good catch!

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