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How to Use Print Friendly

Because I love trees. Because I know you’d like to save money on printer ink. Because as much as I’m sure you love my awkward notes in the middle of my recipe posts but don’t necesarily want to print them. I’ve written this post to help you get the most out of “Print Friendly”.

Print Friendly can be found at the bottom of every blog post here. It is more powerful than some might even realize.


Today, we’re printing up a peanut butter ball recipe – a Christmas favorite. When you scroll to the bottom of the post, you will see the green “Print Friendly” at the very, very end. Click that.

But before you print, you might as well trim down the fat. I mean, peanut butter balls aren’t exactly lean. See that check mark in the box on the top right? You can click that to remove the images. And just like that, you shall save 11 trees and 40 boxes of ink.

To save even more, hover your mouse over anything that isn’t important. Whatever is highlighted will be removed when you click on “Click to delete”. Hallelujah. I mean, will you really care that I ran out of peanut butter while making these babies in 2009? I think not, so save another tree by getting rid of my chitter chatter.

Finally, when you’re done trimming off all the extras, go back up and click on “Print” on the top left. You will now have simply the recipe printed for many happy holidays still to come and be surrounded by beautiful trees that you saved. Thank you, “Print Friendly”. Amen.

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