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Top 10 Reasons to Attend Girl Fest on October 20th

Have you ever thought, “I sure wish there was one whole day where I could learn more about what I like and who I am?” If you’re a girl (or you know one!) and you live in Washington, you will you be excited to know that such a day exists! It’s called GirlFest, and it’s a daylong celebration of everything cool about being a girl!”

Climb a rock wall!

As you may know, I was a Girl Scout and I’m still a huge fan of this organization. And today I’m passing along some exciting news! Girl Scouts is hosting an event for ALL girls in Seattle from 10-5 next Saturday! There will be a band to rock out with, cool local volunteer opportunities to check out and you can learn about being a news reporter – even meet some!

Play guitar!

And now…

The Top 10 Reason to Attend GirlFest 2012

  1. Learn to skate with the Rat City Roller Girls.
  2. Dig up fossilized shark teeth, identify the shark they came from and make a necklace from the tooth.
  3. Make play dough electronic circuits.
  4. Help make a collaborative mural that will hang in the retail store at Outdoor Research’s corporate headquarters in Seattle.
  5. Play guitar and bass with the Rain City Rock Camp for Girls.
  6. Give yourself three words of encouragement and post them on Teen Wise’s Mirror of Encouragement.
  7. Identify rock and mineral samples with women PhD geoscientists.
  8. Crush up Tums to see how they interact differently than solid Tums (when dissolved in vinegar) with the UW School of Pharmacy.
  9. Inflatables and a rock climbing wall!
  10. Discover who you are and what you love!

For the scoop on GirlFest, check out their web page!

And just for fun…

Have you made my first-place winning Savannah Smiles Frozen Lemonade Tarts yet? They will making an appearance at the GirlFest VIP party this year but you can make them at home too! If you have a daughter this is the place to be next weekend. I hope to see ya there!

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