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Code Blue, Coffee Orders and Chili

There has to be a country song about the turmoil of waiting for the oscillating fan to come your way. We’ve had some hot days here but, you know, no one feels sorry for us here in Seattle but more about that later…
Son has been helping dotter with some house sitting. Here’s a couple of his new buddies. They are so very sweet.
We met our dear friends (Ashlee, Drew, Cindy & Greg) in Leavenworth, Washington this week for a little day away. It was hotter than we could handle and gave me some empathy for our friends on the east coast – the empathy was dripping off me. I don’t know how you do it, guys.

After watching mom order coffee at a new-to-her Starbucks, I realized that it takes a village to get her order right. 
I spent a lot of time at the hospital. This ‘code blue” button still tempts me. My dad had a major surgery this week and is doing well but it has been a long, difficult month and everything in me wants to push this button and then ask everyone who comes running if we can just have a group hug. But, I won’t.
Taking phone messages on to go containers. It’s what I do. If I haven’t gotten back to you yet, please give me another call. I’ve been out of sorts lately.
On a lighter note, I was a judge for our local Festival at Mount Si Burstin’ With Blueberries contest. Yay for Joyce who made these adorable little cobblers that delivered in taste too. I pretty sure I saw another judge’s eyes roll back into their head while they took their first bite of this pure blueberry joy.
Finally, dotter invited me – okay, begged me – to do the festival’s chili cook off this year. With all that was happening in our lives, she brought me a moment of fun and the best part is that I do believe that she could now make this chili on her own.
For she is dotter and I am proud.
P.S. We won 2nd with the judges and 1st with the people. Yay for The Old Hen team and yay for cutie mother-dotter pictures!
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  1. I love these pictures and am especially proud that you love the one that I took of you and Brittany 🙂

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