Exit 34 in North Bend, Washington. Just 30 minutes east of Seattle on I-90. 10 minutes away from Snoqualmie Falls & Snoqualmie Casino.

Memoirs of an Innkeeper

This is me after a much-needed 3 hour nap only, you know, it lasted 10 minutes.

This is me having a typical text conversation with one of my relatives. We don’t need words to understand one another. I love her.

This is me enjoying Pinterest when it lines up perfectly. As if each of these pictures is not enough on their own, but to have them happen upon my wall side by side? Perfection.

After my little nap, I got a call that we had some special guests arriving from Japan. They brought us this stunning candy. We were honored to have our guests. They were so kind and fun and as we found out after a day or two, they were, um, famous.

Koji Yakusho, Japan’s leading actor and his lovely wife Saeko (who is also an actress & can tell a story like nobody’s business – even when there are language barriers) had us laughing every morning.

The New York Times did a story on Koji last week because he had been at a film festival in New York the week before he visited the Snoqualmie Valley. For those of you not up on the world of Japanese entertainment, Koji was also in  “Memoirs of a Geisha” and “Babel.”

And finally, breakfast. Breakfast for newlyweds and guests celebrating their first year of marriage. A breakfast to celebrate new beginnings.

I need a nap.

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  1. How do you do it Deanna? Wow!! You are a chef! :)

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