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Blossoms, Ladybugs and 3D Bees Cookies

It is no surprise that after dotter took her strawberry cookies to work that she got a cookie order for a little girl’s birthday party. I may or may not have helped her fill her order.

First we had to go through all our cookie cutters to make sure we had everything we needed. This might surprise you, but we did. When you buy cookie cutters out-of-season for enough years, you’re left lacking little in the way of your collection.

Dotter made the dough, went to work and somehow I ended up rolling them out, cutting them into shapes and baking them all.

We outlined each cookie in royal icing, then filled them in.

We weren’t sure how the bees were going to come together since we were using a petal cutter and a number eight cutter, but we cut some of the petals in half and brought it all together to form a special 3D bee. They ended up being our very favorites.

I finished much of the decorating while dotter went out with her BFF. Funny how things work out.

Such a happy, bumbly bunch of sugar, don’t you think?

Dotter and I hope you are having a very happy and sugary Fourth of July – only, you know, she’s out at the moment so I’m speaking for the both of us.

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