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I’m not sure why I tried to cook today. I was exhausted and inattentive. I walked away for just a minute. I tweeted a few tweets. I Facebooked a few comments. I repinned a few Pinterest pins.

And then this happened. I shall try again tomorrow after I have had a good rest. But for now, let us celebrate learning experiences and some giggles together.

A Contest

Leave a comment by 7:30pm tomorrow night sharing your last cooking mistake. A random winner will be chosen via random.org and announced Friday night, June 1st at 8pm PST. Winner will receive a Trophy Cupcakes gift card for a dozen cupcakes valued at about $42!

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13 Responses

  1. The last? The last… hmm.. so many to choose from… not sure which one is most recent…

    One day, I decided to “cook” some potstickers that I purchased at Trader Joe’s. I put the pan on the stove, turned it on, and walked away for a moment. Then a friend knocked on the door and I got drawn into a conversation. About 30 minutes later, I discovered a RED HOT pan on the stove. I turned it off. After a few minutes, I decided it was probably okay to start again… so I poured some oil in the pan. Oil burst into flame. I freaked out. Friend came running in and put the fire out.

    That was the last time I tried making potstickers in a pan. For a while, I prepared them by microwaving them with a wet paper-towel on top. I gave up owning a microwave a couple of years ago, so now I only eat Trader Joe’s potstickers if I work near a Trader Joe’s, and my office happens to have a microwave. (Not the case at the moment.)

  2. Cindy

    Normally my accidents are burns and cuts, but my favorite was attempting to make gravy and grabbed the box of baking soda instead of the corn starch…. Didn’t realize it we tasted the gravy and it was incredibly salty…. Didn’t even occur to me something was wrong when the gravy was bubbling like a witch’s brew on Halloween during the cooking phase!

  3. hehe Seems next time you will have to reduce number of tweets or facebook posts while cooking, or do it like me set extra laptop in the kitchen 😉

  4. My mistake actually happened last night/this morning. I was all excited about baking some brioche. So I went to the store, purchased everything I needed (or so I thought) and went home and started baking. I got through the first proof when I realized, that after all of these years, I don’t own one single loaf pan! And I needed three. LOL

    If was after hours and all of the stores were closed. So I put the dough in the refrigerator and went to bed. Got up this morning and bought 3 loaf pans.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that I did not over-proof my dough and that everything will turn out okay.

    I will keep you posted!

  5. Scott

    I once made a recipe that called for 3 cloves of garlic. I learned, that day, the difference between a clove and a bulb. That was years ago, and I almost never see vampires. Coincidence?

  6. Tina

    I never make mistakes in the kitchen…ok, I so lie! lol
    My latest mistake was forgetting to put a “catch pan” under the berry cobbler baking in the oven. All the ooze and gooze oozed and goozed out of the baking dish and spilled into the bottom of the oven (instead of said “catch pan”). Then, of course, it bakes into a nice oozy goozy crusty blackened mess…a bear to clean up! Yuck!

  7. Inez

    My classic; you know I do this a few times a year, chop up veggies, place roast and seasoning in crockpot and plug it in. Gotta remember to turn it on though! Did discover a littler chinese place after one off these incidents:-)

  8. FabulousEm

    I was baking a cake for my mom for her birthday and trying to make frosting. The recipe called for “confectioners” sugar. I didn’t know what that was, so I used regular granulated sugar. The result was a delicious yellow cake with what could only be described as a thick, grainy simple syrup spread on the top.

  9. Valerie Watne

    Well, I’m about to reveal my mistake in the kitchen that has followed me throughout the years. Yes, it is one that the family has never seemed to forget nor keep to themselves when someone new comes along. In all my glory, I giggle and hide the faces I make at the person telling the story…. BUT if I am to regain any dignity I must share the story with you in hopes to win some terrific Trophey Cupcakes!

    You see, for many years I prided myself in making delicious cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. I made them for everyone and I loved it. However, when my brother decided to hire me to make some for a party he was throwing, I earned a new reputation. It is true… I created the one and only “Darth Vader” cookie! Yes, to make these all you have to do is get the baking powder and baking soda mixed up and bake like normal. Soon, everyone upon taking a bite, will experience a breath relief of a gut reflex smothered in deep ammonia cookie magic!!! Of course, I must warn you… by making these, it doesn’t matter how many times you make the perfect cookie after such an experience, you’ll never live the Darth Vader cookies down! When visiting family now-a-days, I still get raised eyebrow when I walk in with baked goods. I have concluded that my reputation will out live my final breath in life. Can I have an amen?!

  10. Vanessa

    My last cooking mistake was when I was baking pizza in the oven, I was attempting to take one out but instead of getting the pizza peel (board) under it to lift it out I shoved the pizza off the back of the rack and it slid down the back wall of the oven and slumped in a pile at the bottom. So. Much. Fun. All I could do was laugh at myself… fortunately it was a smaller pizza, but I think that was why it was harder to pick up in the first place.

  11. Andrea

    Once upon a time a girl named Andrea was making this ‘awesome’ banana bread, and put a little too much batter in the pan…. Didn’t notice however until the house started filling up with smoke and realized it had over flowed onto the oven element. As I live in a townhouse that has a common fire/smoke system, I had to fan the smoke detector for like 15 minutes and open all the windows….. lol…

  12. Christine

    Such a funny story… My husband and his brother were camping and decided to make pancakes for breakfast. The oil and the dish soap were in matching bottles… Can you see where this is going 🙂 it was not until they began eating the pancakes and they began foaming at the mouth that they realized the rather humerous mistake they had made!

  13. Jen M.

    My most recent mistake was while I was baking a pizza. I wasn’t paying that much attention and thought that the timer beep on my oven was just the oven beeping that it had reached temperature. Really crunchy somewhat blackened pizza for dinner that night!

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