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The Old Hen B&B closed May 31, 2014. We recommend The Roaring River B&B 425.888.4834 and The Log Cabin B&B 425.533.8278 for your North Bend get-away. Please stay tuned for Deanna's cookbook plans. Here's to starting from scratch. Talking about The Old Hen online? Our hashtag is #theoldhen .

Behind the Scenes With the Best B&B on Evening Magazine

The Old Hen Bed & Breakfast will be featured on Evening Magazine tonight,  Thursday May 3rd at 7pm on channel 5. We don’t know when we will be on, so be sure to tune in a little before 7pm in case we are first. Tomorrow we will go back to our regularly scheduled recipes.

It all started with our window washer.

I asked him… okay, I begged him to come clean the best B&B windows and he rearranged his schedule just for my top-secret shenanigans.

evening magazine

His payment may have involved freshly baked scones. After all, it was an emergency.

the old hen

I decided I couldn’t be on a show that airs in a few states & parts of Canada without flowers in the yard so I went to the store and got some brilliantly colored and carefully chosen flowers.

old hen bed and breakfast

The table was perfectly set.

best recipe website

But the kitchen still looked like this when I got the email at 10:30am that our host would be at the B&B not at 1pm but at noon.


I panicked.


So much so that I misplaced this little sippy cup that belongs to our little friend, Taye. I’m sure I’ll find it soon. I hope.

best food blog

Just a few things to put away. That and, you know, get myself ready. I’m sorry, there will be no before pictures of me.

best B&B in the northwest

I interrupt this blog post to present thee with clean floors. Loverly.

best inn in the northwest

New goats just on time for this segment. Had taken a few months off from being a goat owner after selling the mixed breeds and went back to these sweet pygmies. They are brothers. Their names are Ringo, George and Paul. Imagine.

best place to stay in the northwest

Right after everything was ready, our host, Michael King and the camera man, Mike, showed up. Michael tried to catch our duck but she’s too sassy.

deanna mccaulley

This is me. It’s been a couple of months since I’d had a mic up my shirt. As you can see, I’ve missed it.

best food blog in united states

It was time to finish up the pastries and such for the camera. Approximately half of the powdered sugar ended up on me and the floor. Or, the floor and I. Or, I was floored.

deanna mccaulley the old hen

After he handed the mic over to me, Michael let the camera man Mike take over and I don’t remember anything I said after that. I may have muttered something about how everything tastes better with streusel. That, and I may have made a slightly inappropriate joke when the host asked me how to use the rain shower. But only slightly. Oh gosh, I hope it was only slightly.

best food website

After the host jumped on this bed, I realized that I had forgotten to straighten it up again before the next guests came. I’m hoping they happen to read this and consider it a wonderful memory. So, if you see something about a tousled bed on Trip Advisor, just know that this is the story behind the tousling.

best B&B in the northwest

This is Everett.

I served Everett his plate four times before he got to eat.

This part turned out nicely. It was in a sneak peek of our segment last night and I don’t mean to brag, my service after the fourth time was excellent. Practice makes perfect.

Breakfast was served at 2:00 in the afternoon to our fake guests. Well, they were real but, you know, fake. All of them have stayed with us before. They were real at that time. Oh dear. I’m not sure if they’re ever going to come back again.

best play to stay in seattle

I may or may not have fallen on this couch when the filming was done.

And one last confession…

best blog in seattle

I may or may not have found these in the back of my car the next morning. Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

A huge thank you to our host Michael, camera guy Mike and real guests Everett, Rhonda and Tyler. Thank you to everyone who voted for The Old Hen. I can’t wait to see you at the B&B again soon and appreciate you taking the time to vote. I know it is a lot for you to stop everything going on in your lives to vote and I cannot begin to thank you enough! 

Evening Magazine Visits The Old Hen

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8 Responses

  1. Barbara Turpin

    Love your little step by step and everything looked wonderful. You are a very gifted young woman and I am proud to know you. You certainly inherited many of your gifts from your mom. Good job Deanna!!! I love Seattle Magazine and everyday I can and have been looking for you each day, glad for your message.

    • The Clever Culinarian

      Thank you, Barb. My days in Marysville have played a huge roll in what I love about life and it is amazing to be able to share that with everyone that comes through our doors!

  2. Cathy Hodge Smith

    Deanna, you are hilarious and I always love reading/watching you. You make everything more fun, just like things taste better with streudel =]

    • The Clever Culinarian

      When your job is making streusel, it has to be fun I suppose. 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind words, Cathy. You’re the sweetest!

  3. Can’t wait to see it!!!

    • The Clever Culinarian

      What a wild week, dear Cindy! 🙂 Thank you for being such a supportive friend. xo

  4. This sounds like a real fun day :). But I’m sure everything worked out as planned.

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