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Seattle Bites Food Tours Featured on Evening Magazine

When you think of Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington, what is the first thing you think of?

Yeah, me too but then I ate my way through the history of Pike place Market on the Seattle Bites Food Tour. I’m a Northwest girl, but I learned things I’d never known about Pike Place, and the very first Starbucks and the founder of this particular fish store.

Today’s tour was with Jim Dever. And his camera man from King 5’s Evening Magazine. I took more pictures of them but when I got home to share them with you they were missing. Sigh.

This is our amazing tour host, Seattle Bites Food Tours owner, Jan Marie Johnson. You would never know it, but trapped inside her entertaining, perfectly friendly, beautiful inside-and-out self is a history enthusiast.

Our tour involved an incredible amount of all things delicious. You know, like fresh whipped cream.

And asparagus to balance things out. You won’t believe how fresh and lovely and unique the flavors of this local produce are. This may or may not have been my first time eating raw asparagus. What can I say? I’m adventurous. Or at least I tell myself I am.

As you walk through the tour, you meet store owners and hear their stories. This award winning chowder story is a must hear.

To broaden our horizons, we enjoyed ethnic food from India…

and Germany. There was a sandwich from New York and some other deliciousness too but I devoured some bites before I remembered to take a picture.

And in case you were worried, more whipped cream. I may have finished this bite before anyone else did. Okay, I did. And I stand by my poor decision to be an overachiever.

Best flatbread. Ever. And did I mention there was a sandwich from New York?

Our final landing-place? A northwest winery. It was perfect. And northwesty. And delicious. And will all be on television tonight. I should warn you though, I could feel the camera zooming in on me several times and I pretty much had one of those embarrassing food dropping moments every single time it was aimed at me.

Thank you, Seattle Bites Food Tours. I love you.

Evening Magazine on channel 5 at 7pm tonight.

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