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Things I Learned While Pressure Washing

Today I used a pressure washer for the first time. So that I might not ever forget and so other newbies might be forewarned, I am making a list of things I have learned about using a pressure washer.

Poor Martha Stewart garbage can lid

  1. When someone says “Sure, you can use the pressure washer” with a smile on their face, go do dishes instead.
  2. When someone says, “You might want to get some rain boots.” What they really means is, wear your scuba diving suit with oxygen tank.
  3. Paint can chip off of things easily and it looks pretty in the yard. Kind of.
  4. When cleaning out a bin, what you put into it will come back to you. In your face.
  5. Small clay pots give way to pressure washers in a big way.
  6. Old Martha Stewart garbage can lids do not hold up under pressure.
  7. Pieces of clay pots happen to tuck nicely under a large barbecue grill.
  8. Once you start, you cannot stop. Mostly because if you do, everyone will know when they see your deck half sparkling clean and half covered with moss that you got lazy.
  9. You don’t need new lawn furniture. You just need a pressure washer.
  10. Pressure washers are better than streusel topping. Almost.


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  1. LOL…even Martha Stewart garbage can lids don’t hold up…but you do! 🙂 Better than streusel topping??? I don’t think so! 🙂

  2. SO FUNNY!! Glad Greg does not share now 🙂

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