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Food Trucks, Google Places, Seattle Met and a Trophy Cupcake Give Away

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 3.28.13 PM

On sale now this week (March 12-16th) at Trophy Cupcakes Wallingford store “Deanna’s Tropical Stampede”.

Not long ago, I won a contest. The prize? I got to create a cupcake with Trophy Cupcakes on behalf of the Mobile Food Rodeo.

After meeting with the lovely Jennifer Shea, owner of Trophy Cupcakes, the cupcake was created. And it was named “Deanna’s Tropical Stampede”.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 3.32.07 PM

And there was a party.

And it was fun thanks to so many people including Mobile Food Rodeo, Trophy Cupcakes, Google Places and Seattle Met.


Oh, and did I mention the cupcakes? They were minis. And delicious. And beautiful.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 3.28.02 PM

The Trophy team (owner Jennifer in the middle). Coolest. People. Ever.


Are you ready for the exciting give-away? To celebrate the Mobile Food Rodeo, Trophy Cupcakes and I are giving you the chance to win a dozen (full-sized) cupcakes! In fact, we’ll be holding a give-away once a month for an entire year. Each month’s winner will receive their prize in the form of a gift card so they can stop by any location for their dozen whenever they have the need for some Trophy Cupcakes. Just leave a comment and let us know if you’ve ever eaten from a food truck. What did you try? Comment by midnight PST on March 25th and I’ll choose a winner using random.org on March 26th. One entry per person, please.

And the picture of me with my darling cupcake taken by my friend, Carrie. If you’re looking for food reviews in the Seattle area and beyond, you gotta check out her blog.

For more information about having your own Trophy Cupcake party, send them an email to request information.

Here’s some more pictures of the Mobile Food Rodeo party and a preview of the Mobile Food Rodeo which is coming again on May 6th from 1-7pm at Fremont Studios 3501 Phinney Ave North in Seattle. You can keep updated on Facebook or Twitter on all their latest news.

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24 Responses

  1. Erin Bigalke

    I love food truck food and love cupcakes! I’ve had pizzas, gyros, tacos, burgers, breakfast foods, hotdogs, sandwiches and CUPCAKES! Wish I could have made it to last weekend’s event!!!

  2. Hello cupcake! Deanna, these cupcakes are even more adorable now that I see that they are mini’s! You are so talented. Did I ever say, that “the clever culinarian” is the perfect name for you? I know you are enjoying your gift of creativity! Congrats! xo

  3. Jessica

    I have tried a few, and I love our food trucks! From burgers to tacos to ice cream… there’s finally a decent Seattle food truck culture.

  4. This is a wonderful accolade. So proud of you!

  5. Vanessa

    Hi Deanna! The cupcakes were delicious. Divine even. Hmm, I think it’s been too long since I ate from a food truck, cause I can’t remember what I have eaten, I know it was at Fremont Sunday Market though, does the pizza oven on wheels count? Anyway, last Sunday my daughter got some fresh donuts from a food truck at the market, she shared one with me, they were very good, even though I had pretty much hit my sugar limit for the day I could not resist. 🙂

  6. Mom

    Those cupcakes were darling and so delicious. Food trucks are such a great asset to the foodie world, I have had BBQ ribs, Tacos , and many more. Trophy Cupcakes are so yummy and if you ever get a chance to try them be sure you get a Tiger Tail or Chocolate Coffee flavors they are Amazing ! <3

  7. Eileen Cho

    First off, LOVED the cupcake at the party. I loved the lightness of the frosting with the chunky cake. It was sweet yet soooo good. I wish I could buy them and eat them with a large glass of milk. Yum!

    Food Truck Experience: I love that Seattle finally has food trucks and lots of them too! I eat at a truck at least once a week but my favorite truck experience would have to be the first time I went to Where Ya at Matt. I love New Orleans food so I was a little too excited about my first dining experience. I ordered a fried shrimp po boy, gumbo, jumbalaya, beignets with coffee, and a slice of pie. MM mm soo good!

  8. Whitney

    i <3 food trucks! Skillet is my #1!!!!

  9. Thanks for bringing me some of those darling cupcakes for my birthday on Sunday 🙂

  10. Bryden McGrath

    Love Seattle food trucks! My favorite is El Camion in Ballard.

  11. Aileen

    I live Marination. Great Hawaiian/Korean fusion food truck! I love the Kalbi tacos and spam sliders!

  12. Kate

    Love food trucks! Marination Mobile catered our pre-wedding party – and I also love Skillet and Where Ya At Matt!

  13. Kim

    I love food trucks!!! Skillet was the very first one I ever ate from, and it’s still my favorite. But I love others too – like Where Ya At Matt & Bigfood & Marination!

  14. Aileen

    But in general, I like food trucks and can’t wait for the rodeo!

  15. Danielle

    I haven’t eaten from a food truck but there are some mighty good-looking ones on 45th that I’m thinking I need to try! 🙂

  16. David

    My favorite Trophy cupcake is the hummingbird. I love it’s texture and the combination of favors. cupcake royale

    I love the skillet food truck, where ya at matt and marination station. I can never stop ordering food from there whenever I encounter their truck.

  17. Marc

    My favorite food truck was one from my childhood. It would start delivering at midnight and run ’til about 4am, for those late night party goers.

    It was a business called Midnight Munchies and it had quite the loyal following of patrons.

    Almost as great a following as The Clever Culinarian 🙂


  18. Marisa

    I am forever in love with El Camión on Aurora! My favorite food truck and my favorite tacos.

  19. Barbara coccia

    I use to eat from a break truck that came around when I was working in Canoga Park CA. There had a variety of items and back then it was an adventure. Everyday I would try something different. Ate my very first Honey Buns from there. Good times, good times. 🙂

  20. Andrea

    I love the food truck!! When I worked at Starbucks, it came every day at the same time and had the best breakfast stuff!!!!

  21. Armando

    Definitely a fan of the various food trucks around. My go to has to be Skillet’s poutine. First time I ever had it was from Skillet and have been hooked since!

  22. Berry

    I haven’t tried any of the Seattle food trucks (YET!) but I have tried them in other cities… best so far was the hot dog carts in Toronto — WOW!

  23. Patricia Egwuatu

    Favorite food truck is the taco truck on 45th in Wallingford triciaegwuatu@gmail.com

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