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Individual Shepherd’s Pies with Sage Recipe

There’s just something about meals that are served in individual servings that makes one feel special.

These individual buttery, sage pot pies are a cozy treat that your family will appreciate after a long day of being lost in the crowds.

Dice and cook one yellow onion in olive oil.

Cook until caramelized, then remove from pan & set aside.

Cook ground beef or ground chicken in same pan. If cooking ground chicken, add a little olive oil. Add onions back into pan. Cook until done. If cooking ground beef, drain most of grease.

When done, you should have a few tablespoons of oil in the pan with meat.

Sprinkle a scant 1/2 cup of flour over meat. Stir well.

Stir flour into meat and cook for a few minutes.

Pour in 1 cup of milk and continue to stir. Quickly add another 3 1/2 cups of chicken or beef broth and continue to stir until it becomes think like a gravy. You can use water in place of the broth but broth is tastier. Thickening could take about five minutes depending on how high your heat is.

For a fancier shepherd’s pie, replace a cup of broth with a Cabernet or port wine.

Add salt, pepper and 1 tablespoon of ground sage (or 1/2 bunch of freshly chopped sage). If you like, add your favorite house seasoning like Lawry’s, Johnny’s or Spike.

Add two – three tablespoons of beef (or, if you prefer, chicken) base to gravy.

Stir in and allow to melt completely.

Add your favorite veggies. Perhaps, celery, carrots or peas…

For individual shepherd’s pies, fill about 3/4ths full with gravy. These short jars took about 3/4 cup each – enough gravy for about 6 servings.

Using a decorating bag (or a Ziploc bag with a hole cut out of the corner), swirl mashed potatoes over the top of the gravy. Bake at 350F for about 20 minutes and then broil until tops of pies are golden brown. When done, top with a little butter and freshly chopped chives or parsley.

Serve hot and in front of a cozy fireplace. With family. And play games. And talk about your day. And share smiles. The end.


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