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The Pantry

It’s pantry cleaning day. My favorite day of the year, month or whenever I get around to it. I thought I’d share my shame with you today so that you can feel better about yourself. My pantry is especially out of control.


Believe it or not, magic happens here.


Don’t judge.


Cleaning my pantry means that the stove…

321649_10150336335219697_437528796_n… the countertops…


… and the baking station are all out of commission for a couple few hours.


I’d rather be baking.

But, alas, my efforts are worth their while.


It’s not alphabetical but it is orderly.


You find pretty things when you organize. But then things can happen. Things can happen a few days later that make you, well, drop your mouth open in shock…


With one broken shelf, three shelves worth of work are ruined.

Good Christian women do not swear. Good Christian women do not swear. Good Christian women do not swear.

The end.

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  1. […] might like to see how I keep my flour. I bake. I bake a lot. So, I went for the charcoal caddy. The pantry incident this year is further proof that I should not keep 20 pounds of flour upon my pantry shelves. Okay, […]

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