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Homemade Strawberry Lemonade Recipe

I’m all for convenience but is almost a sin to make some things out of a can. Strawberry lemonade is one of them. If you have ever stirred a powder and called it lemonade, you are forgiven. Turn the other way and enjoy summer the way it should be enjoyed, with sin-free strawberry lemonade made for realz. The teenagers in my town call this “crack juice” because they can’t stop drinking it once they start. They are addicted and I’m sure their moms will appreciate my finally finding the time to blog this lemonade in it’s natural form.



  • 12 cups water
  • 3 cups sugar
  • Zest & juice of 6 lemons
  • 8 cups strawberries, fresh or frozen, hulled

This is best when made a day in advance so that it has plenty of time to chill. Start by placing water in a pot to boil.

Stir in sugar. Lightly boil and stir water until sugar is dissolved.

Next add the zest of the lemons into the water which has now become a simple syrup. Don’t grate the whites of the lemons, just the outer yellow zest. The white stuff is bitter.

Next, cut the lemons in half and juice each of them into the water.  Don’t worry about the seeds or zest, we’ll be straining the lemonade later so it’s okay they’re in the pot.

Fill blender with strawberries.

Using a food processor, blend berries until like a chunky jam or even smoother.

Add blended strawberries into pot of lemonade.

Stir and allow to simmer for a few minutes.

Allow lemonade to cool to room temp so that it is easier to pour. Then pour through a stainer to remove all seeds, pulp, and berry pieces.

A spoon is helpful to free strainer up a little bit. The larger the strainer, the easier this is to do. I have to rinse my strainer out often as it gets clogged up & stops working. A larger strainer is best.

Allow to cool to room temp and then chill in refrigerator.

For large parties, I love to put the homemade lemonade into canning jars with plastic lids and serve out of a large, old-fashioned tub filled with ice. This makes every party better.

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10 Responses

  1. Sue Blom

    I added a little “SKYEE” to this and it made a wonderful little adult drink…Yummy!

  2. This sounds really good. I’m going to have to try it. I have frozen raspberries from my garden so I will try a variation of your recipe. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Noelle

    Wonderful recipe. My family loved it I made it on Saturday for us to have it on Easter and it was perfect! My favorite thing about this recipe is that it makes almost a gallon it is difficult to find recipes that do!

  4. Heather K

    About how much does this recipe make?

  5. This is SOOO Good!! I made some for our Housewarming/ Independence Day BBQ! The recipe made a good size pitcher and Honestly I’m contemplating going out and getting more strawberrries just to make some more! If only I had more time. I know better for next time to double the recipe! Thank you!

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  8. […] Strawberry lemonade and cherry limeade in canning jars for all. The regular plastic lids for the jars (or wide-mouth lids) are so very handy! These cuties were seeing how long they could keep their hands in the ice. The recipe for both of these delicious drinks will be coming very soon for it is almost summer and these recipes will be necessary. […]


    this looks delicious. i am going to try it.

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