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The Royal Wedding: My Snarky Hat Parade

Christmas ribbon candy or Whoville? How can two things that make me so happy make me cringe when placed on Princess Beatrice’s head?

She obviously took the shoes matching your hat rule much too literally.

Gustaf’s Premium Licorice Allsort, anyone? Anyone? It might have a hair in it.

“Why, yes. Yes, I do have a date for badminton after the wedding today. How did you know?!”

“I don’t have a great seat so I had to make sure I get good reception so I won’t miss a thing.”

“Look! It’s reversible! I wore this at Princess Diana’s memorial service and no one will ever know I’m getting two uses out of it. Yay me!”

“Yes, I’m sure! Trust me. We’ll just place a headband down the other side to match your hair to help keep it on and no one will even notice it’s there.”

Pringles new spokesperson.

“Mawwiage. Mawwiage is what brings us here today. That & does anybody have a salon you can recommend for eyebrow grooming?”

I was in charge of something. I simply can’t remember what it was. Oh, yes. The quill pen. Now where’d I put it?

Media is using the term “unidentified guests” so Obama won’t feel bad for not being invited. But it’s The Girls Next Door.

Yay for craft time! Just hot glue a bow & a blossom to your beanie and your hat is pretty enough even for a royal wedding!

I Know! I’ll wear my velvet vest from the 70s, my heavy-duty sweater from the 80s, & my hat from, well, I’ll toss something together that matches.

Props for the propping.

“She always copies me! Only, you know, bigger, shinier and more colorful.”

And my snarky hat parade finale: The best hat of all is balanced out by the worst dress of all. sigh

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3 Responses

  1. cb

    You GO Girl! You got over it. SO proud of you :-))

  2. I liked some of the hats, but I think a hat should balance out the face. If your hat keeps people from looking at you when you are speaking to them, then it’s not a good thing. I didn’t like Beckham’s hat because she looks like she’s holding it up with her eyebrows. Thanks for the stylewatch.

  3. I wore a red cowboy hat dotted with tiny yellow (fake) ducklings, but nobody even noticed it. Guess I didn’t stand out in that crowd as I thought I would. 🙂
    Great post Deanna, very funny. 🙂

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