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The Perfect Sugar Cookie Recipe: Easter Chicks

img_3022It only made sense that if I had Easter Bunny cut-outs, that I needed to make baby chicklings too. Besides, it gave me a reason to color some coconut yellow.

So very easy too. Just make circle (or egg shaped for a long face) cut-outs that are about 3-4 inches across.

Some yellow frosting.

Buy some orange Airheads candy…

… and cut like so. Each small piece should make 8 beaks (16 triangles).

Use white York Peppermint Pieces and light blue frosting for the eyes.

Here’s to cute chicks.

Steps for making chick cookies:

  • Bake cookies, color coconut with a little bit of food coloring.
  • Make frosting with powdered sugar and a little bit of water until consistency you like. Color most light yellow and a small amount light sky blue.
  • Cut Airheads as sown above.
  • Frost and decorate one cookie at a time.
  • Place candy in place.
  • Cover with coconut. Use coconut to help keep the beak propped in the right place while it dries.
  • Finish eyes with blue dot.
  • Allow frosting to dry & wrap.
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  1. Those are absolutely looking perfect! I love to try this at home with my kids. They will surely enjoy our family bonding day.

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