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My Childhood: Pink Fingers and Plastic Toys Fantasyland

Many of you have heard our stories but you haven’t seen the pictures. Here are a couple of pictures of my mom, Dixie, doing her cake thing in the eighties before the days of Ace of Cakes. I spent far too many hours in the back of bakeries (The Monroe Bakery in Monroe, WA; Vienna Bakery in Arlington, WA; and Scandia Bakery & Lefse Factory in Stanwood, WA to be exact) playing with the plastic cake toys and stirring food coloring into frosting.

Hopefully this explains a lot.


The troll cake


The cow cake

Before the Ace of Cakes, there was Dixie… and her daughter

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  1. Expand this post, there’s more to this – I know!

    • I’m sure I will be posting more over time. It was a kick growing up around all of this artsy fartsy stuff. Back then it felt like not really a big deal but now I can look back and truly appreciate what mom gave me. 🙂

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