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Snow on the Mountain Dinner Party Recipe


Noooooo. Day 12 already??

When I was about 10 years old, our pastor’s wife changed our Christmas dinners forever. She introduced my family to Snow on the Mountain. I have heard this is a popular dinner in the midwest, but our home has had the blessing of introducing Snow on the Mountain to a number of northwest families over the years. Today, I share it with you. Because I love you.

This dinner is fun and oh so easy to prepare. It also allows you the opportunity to ask each guest to bring a part of the dinner. Just place the bowls on the table and have them fill in what they were in charge of bringing.

The other beauty of Snow on the Mountain is that everyone gets to put on their mountain what they enjoy eating. It’s kinda like everyone gets to create their own meal.

To prepare the meal, boil a large pot of water. Place three turkey legs and one turkey breast in water & cook until done. I forgot to get a picture of the turkey swimming so you just get a picture of the pool.


Remove all turkey from broth. Pull turkey off of bones (be sure to get all them out) and place turkey back into broth in bite size pieces.


When broth returns to a light boil, calculate how much broth you have and add chicken bouillons accordingly. Stir.


Dear Bouillon Company,

Please stop with the little packaged squares. You and caramel company are getting on my last nerve.



Update: Using Better Than Bouillon is much easier and better to create amazing flavor in your turkey sauce.


Prepare and add water & flour slurry: Add one cup of COLD* water and one cup of flour to shaker**. Shake until well mixed together. Add to hot broth over medium heat. Stir and wait for broth to thicken into gravy. Cook for at least five – eight minutes. Evaluate gravy thickness and repeat flour / water mix again if necessary for bigger batches until you have gravy at the thickness you like.

*If you use warm or hot water, the container will burst. Don’t ask me how I know this. I just do… er… at least the newlywed me found his out.

**If you don’t have a Tupperware Shaker, just place in a bowl and whisk like crazy.


Add salt, pepper & any other gravy seasoning you enjoy. If you don’t trust your own taste buds, have another person test the flavors as well until you reach perfection. Cook enough rice for the number of guests you are expecting. The rice is the main dish, so be sure to make plenty.

Now for the fun part! Setting the table. Here, I will show you. Let’s walk around the table together.



Turkey gravy sauce.


Cheddar cheese.








Black & green olives.


Slivered almonds (these are after all, my favorite way to enjoy almonds).


Chow mein noodles.


Green onions.


And finally, coconut.


The best part might be listening to everyone make fun of the corny poems & cringe at the idea of trying pineapple with turkey gravy. For me, the best part is remembering my childhood pastor, Pastor Brustad and his adorable wife Doris.  How welcome she made everyone in her home feel. I do miss both of them so.


The tablescape? I went with three main colors of red, green & ivory. Candles add to the ambiance, of course, that is if they are not placed near the spoons. No flaming sleeves for Christmas. Because I love you.


My sled is a treasure. I use it every Christmas & set it against a wall for decor during the winter. It’s too rickety for real use but works wonderfully for festive decor and dinner displays.


If you are an avid reader of this little blog, you already know that I do love to use odd containers for everything food. Can you find them here? The punch bowl was a planter. The fork holders are canning jars and the coconut is in a vase. One. Happy. Party. Girl.



Here are the poems we use at our house. Hopefully they will help you make a special set of your own!

Pick a plate and don’t think twice.
Pile up your mountain of rice!

If you miss this, it will be a loss.
So, good gravy, don’t forget the sauce!

These cheesy poems won’t melt your heart.
But cheddar on top is a good start.

Slivered almonds might be a bit nuts.
But you gotta try ’em – no ifs, ands, or buts.

Slender and green, onions add flavor.
Making tonight a memory to savor.

Fruit or veggies? It doesn’t matter.
Tomatoes are healthy & won’t make you fatter.

Black & green, salty & small.
Olives are delicious for one & all!

Celery is so fresh and hearty.
The perfect addition to our little party!

Chow mein noodles add the crunch.
So be sure to add a bunch.

Pineapple is so juicy & sweet.
Go Hawaiian for a nice little treat.

Your snow on the mountain is almost complete.
Sprinkle the coconut and let’s go eat!

Order of poems:
cheddar cheese
almond slivers
chopped green onions
diced tomatoes
sliced black & green olives
chopped celery
chow mein noodles
diced or crushed pineapple
shredded coconut

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6 Responses

  1. Hey We did this dinner at my neighbors house, but they also had raisins, bacon, maraschino cherries, peanuts, chopped apples, and green peppers too. It seemed odd, but very good. Have you ever used all of those in addition?

    • The Clever Culinarian

      Oh my goodness. No I’ve not had those ingredients. And I thought the coconut was odd! 🙂

  2. Actually did the meal as a luncheon 40 years ago. Have been looking for the POEM ever since. Do you have it?
    Thank you!

  3. Irene

    For some reason I can’t see any of the pictures and I was looking for the words (poem) to each food item. Could you help me with this?

  4. Daryleann

    I used this idea for our holiday party – Hawaiian theme. Had people assigned to bring different items and we cooked the rice and meat gravy. People were very hesitant at first -whaaat?? But LOTS of positive comments after – and lots of people going back for seconds. Wish I had had the words or captions for the items, but it worked out well without.

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