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It’s the Little Things

Some original pictures from this post have come up missing.

Day 9

Whenever you have gone to a very fancy party, restaurant or event, you have noticed it is the little things done with love that make all the difference.

Creativity without love = showing off & guests who leave with a void in their hearts

Creativity with love = inspiration & guests who wish they could return again tomorrow

If you cannot spend a lot of money on guests, you can always give away plenty of love & inspiration. It’s always fun to see what you can make with things you have on hand.

Here is a little box decorated with some scrapbook paper (old cards & calendar pages would work just wonderfully), rosemary, and a pine cone (which didn’t look too good on the back so I used that to my benefit as it was easier to glue since it was already flat). Fill box with verses, pictures or quotes.
This mini lunch bag is prettied with a ribbon misfit from an old craft project, scrapbook paper and an old phone clip. The clip is still useful as it can be repurposed in many ways. Fill bag with candies, a pretty soap or a mini candle.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 12.17.03 PM

Buy your holiday decorations plain and you can redesign them for other holidays like this cute little bunny. Add a lemon thyme wreath, and he hops from Easter to Christmas!


These Halloween boxes I found on clearance make for a perfect Christmas box with festive papers, a big black bow & shiny button. Inside? Bell candies or actual bells, of course. P.S. Black bows are always so very classy.

As we all know by now, the odder the juice glass, the more delicious the juice. Find inexpensive food safe bottles with fancy toppers for juice. You could not help but giggle if someone served juice to you in a shorty baby cutie glass like this. Am I right? The dollar store would perhaps be a great place to find something like this.

Make sure to buy them brand new & without perfume inside. Do not under any circumstances buy them from a second-hand store. They must be new & never used for perfume!

Remember this holiday season, in the midst of all the recipes, ideas & sparkles you are bombarded with, it is the little things done with big love that will count the most.

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  1. Lovely ideas, thank you Deanna:)

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