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Breakfast Sub Sandwich Recipe



This sandwich is a fun, easy way to impress your family on Christmas morning. It’s easy to make and can be served with simply juice or these orange creamsicle smoothies for a perfect breakfast after opening presents. The best part about this sandwich is that everyone can help.

First, purchase the longest loaf of bread that will fit in your oven. If you want to buy one bigger than your oven, you can cut it into a size that will fit or skip the oven part. Whatever works best for you will be great so make things easy on yourself. This sandwich is especially delicious on a seedy, grainy bread but my store didn’t have this as an option this time so I went for plain French bread.

Using a serrated knife, slice the bread down the middle of the top & bottom of the loaf. Spread with butter.

Place sliced cheese along both sides of bread. We used cheddar but provolone, havarti or mozzarella would all be tasty options as well. For now, set bread aside. Dotter did a lovely job at her work station.

Fry up about 8 eggs or as many as you think will fit along your loaf of bread. Because my family prefers them and to prevent messes, I made our sandwich with hard-cooked eggs.


Son heated the pre-cooked ham in our pizzelle maker for fun designs on the ham… you’ll be able to see the finished product later. We’re always looking for funky new ways to do things at our house.

Timing is everything with this work of art, so I recommend keeping the eggs and ham slices in the oven on a cookie sheet at 170 degrees until you are ready to puzzle together your sandwich.

Because I sometimes don’t think ahead more than 5 minutes beyond the moment, I bought a loaf of bread that was too long for my oven. I had to place it on a cookie sheet diagonally in order to fit it in the oven. Broil until golden & cheese is mostly melted. Keep a close eye on it and don’t step away to check Facebook. Not that I would know this from experience.

This is when things get really exciting! Spread mayonnaise on one or both sides of bread after they come out of the oven.

Top the bottom bread with alfalfa sprouts.

Slice a large tomato with a serrated knife and place slices over the sprouts.

Place a ham slice about every 4 inches along on top of tomatoes. See how pretty the ham slices turned out? Super pretty!

Place fried eggs in between the ham slices.

Repeat placing ham and fried eggs in the opposite places as the last stack… a simple way to make a pretty sandwich even more gorgeous. Place top half of bread on sandwich.

If you happen to have a 4 foot platter handy, you are a luckier foodie than I. If you don’t happen to have one, just unroll some kraft paper and present your sandwich upon it.

Goofy moments in the kitchen together making 4 foot long breakfast sandwiches are the kind of memories we all could use more of. Don’t be surprised if your kids show and tell this instead of their gifts when they head back to school after Christmas break for they want time with you more than they want any toy.

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