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Chopped Pizza Salad Recipe

What could be a healthier way to eat a family favorite like pizza than out of a salad bowl? I can’t make any promises that it will become a replacement but I can tell you that we’ve been eating a whole lot more salad at our house since we created this recipe!


You can vary the ingredients a lot to your liking but here are the measurements we use for our pizza salad.

Take 8-10 mini tomatoes and cut each tomato in half… and again… and again until you have 8 pieces. Placed chopped tomatoes in a bowl.

You will need just a little bit of chopped onion (maybe one slice). They can be strong, so it depends on what your family likes or on how much onion breath you want to deal with in your home.

The tinier you chop the onion, the better. Toss the chopped onion into the bowl with the tomatoes.

Oh fresh herbs how I love thee. If I could just remember that I have thee growing in a planter at my house, I would stop paying so much for thee at the grocery store and love thee even more.

We are creating a tomato marinade so we’ll need some fresh basil and oregano to get that pizza sauce flavor into our salad.

Remove the herbs from their stems and chop…

into teeny tiny pieces and add to the bowl with tomatoes and onions.

Add about a tablespoon & 1/2 of olive oil.

Stir ingredients and set aside to marinade while you make the rest of the salad.

Choose a big, beautiful head of romaine lettuce. Slice into strips then cut in the other direction so that you end up with little squares.

Now for our chopped pizza salad “toppings”! Cut a big handful of pepperonis into quarters.

Toss into salad bowl.

Cut 5-6 pieces of Canadian bacon into small squares and add to salad bowl.

Add one (drained) can of sliced olives to salad.

Oh olives, how I love thee. Alas! Why cannot I grow thee in my mushy Washington soil?

Who could forget the cheese? Toss in a large handful of grated mozzarella!

Oh mozzarella, I do love thee… but forget it, I shall never own a cow. Three sheep, four goats, eleven chickens a cat, a hamster and a dog are enough to throw a girl over the edge.

Finally, add about 1 cup of your favorite ranch dressing to your salad.

Lastly, add the marinated tomatoes, a bit of salt and pepper then stir the chopped salad well.

Più delizioso! I hope you and your family enjoy this new twist on an old favorite! I do believe that Jamie Oliver would be proud that I know my veggies!

Health Tip: Try one new fruit or veggie with your family each week. Write the name down, buy it, Google it to educate yourself on how you can best put it into a meal or snack and keep a record of your favorites so you can enjoy them again & again!

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