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Happy Thanksgiving!

We were up early today as many of you have been, putting the turkey in the oven. I have gotten the turkey prepped and it’s roasting. He is trying to take all of the credit but I’ll only let him have it if the turkey is still frozen in the middle at serving time like it was when he made it 17 years ago. As we slid the pan into the oven, I could not but help thinking what is a blog about food without a Thanksgiving post?

What do I love about food? Why do I write about it? It seemed fitting to take a moment to reflect on being thankful for food and to consider the special memories around it – the joy, the tears, the traditions and thankfulness.

One of my happiest and scariest memories of my life happened in the kitchen. My mom always did a lot of baking for the holidays and even worked in a bakery for about 25 years. I loved watching her do her magic, especially during the holiday season. One happy day when I was about 5 years old, I was helping her. I was mesmerized by the spinning of the electric mixer, watching it go around and around until I was so caught up in it that my long brown hair was literally caught up in the mixer too! Thankfully, mom was standing right next to me and immediately turned the mixer off. She remembers my hair being tightly wound up in the beater and having to carefully and lovingly untangle it. I have asked her why she didn’t have pictures and she recalls being too worried about me to even consider a photo – bless her heart!

Some of the most significant moments created with food at the table are embedded in my memories forever – every funeral, reunion, and wedding.  Meals delivered to someone’s home with loving care in celebration a new baby, a successful surgery, or perhaps in a time of grief have brought people together in ways they never thought possible. Anyone who has ever delivered a meal to our door on one of those occasions has changed any prior judgments I may have had of them before that moment. They were from that point on seen as a caring person. Anyone willing to make a meal and deliver it to your door with love has to be a good person.

Besides the partly frozen turkey, there have been dinner rolls that could pass for rocks, far too many dirty dishes to even count and mincemeat pies left almost whole if it weren’t for grandpa’s piece taken out of the pie. There will be no mincemeat pie this year.  I will miss grandpa and his contagious laugh so much.

The years of avocado green Kitchen-Aide mixers, grandma’s massive leftovers from making too much food and even lumpy gravy have made me appreciate everything I have and most of all the people I love for they will not all be around the same table forever.

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