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Orange Creamsicle Smoothie Recipe

Nothing says welcome to winter like a frosty orange creamsicle smoothie. Okay maybe not so much, but I told a lovely guest of ours that I would be posting this recipe and I am a couple of months behind on my promise! Honestly, I’m not big on the idea of liquid pumpkin and gingerbread drinks anyhow so I’d rather have this liquid sunshine even when the leaves start falling.


So let’s get started making orange creamsicles in a glass!

Fill blender with about 5 cups of ice.

Add water up to the 4 cup mark on the blender.

Blend ice & water until you get a water slushy. Before we had a B&B, we used to use a wooden spoon to jolt the blended process as needed. I don’t recommend it though, unless you enjoy the extra fiber of wood chips in your drinks. We’ve never regretted buying our Vita-Mix blender. It is perfect for our business!

Pour out all excess water. Your remaining ice should look something like this. Snow cone anyone? A little water left at the bottom is okay.

Place entire can of frozen orange juice in blender.

Okay, not the entire can, just the O.J. 🙂

Blend O.J. in at slow speed and increase a little at a time as needed. At this point you have created a tasty slushy but we’re going over the top now to add the creamsicle flavor!

Oh yeah, baby, slow churned vanilla ice cream.

Measure two cups of ice cream and squeeze it into the blender.

Again, blend slowly and increase speed as needed. Use the stirring stick as much as possible so you can avoid high speeds. For years I tried to figure out how they made such good smoothies at some places while others were frothy, foamy and just plain disgusting! When it comes to the texture, slow is the answer. Dairy products are as temperamental as pie crust. Take it easy on them and they’ll treat you good… well, uh, maybe not if you’re lactose intolerant.

Pour about a half a cup of milk in if your smoothie doesn’t blend well.

And there it is. I always feel like singing the hallelujah chorus when I make these for guests cuz they’re just plain that good. Please understand, I’m not trying to brag. It took me at least seven years to figure out that fast blending ruined every smoothie I ever tried to make. When you work that hard to find the frothy  busting truth, one feels like singing!

There she is in all her curvy beauty. It’s okay you can stare. Make these for all of your friends but please be sure to slip into the conversation that you got the recipe on this crazy lady’s blog… The Clever… something or another.

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