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Mini Chili and Cornbread Cups

DISCLAIMER: If this is your first time to my blog please hear me out before you move on to what you would consider a bona-fide foodie blog that has creatures made out of rolled up balls of cakey cuteness or one that pairs recipes with tunes to listen to while you bake or even better than that, the one that has it all together even more than Martha because she does everything that Martha does and homeschools too…


You should know that even though my mini football season snacks require pretty much no effort at all –  I do have a chili recipe that has knocked the socks off voters at our local festival two years running. It also won first place at our church’s fall festival. Now, back to the Nalley’s.


Make the cornbread as the box says.


Divide chili into four little 8 oz. latte cups.


Gently top with cornbread batter so that the two do not mix together and bake according to the instructions on the cornbread box.


When they come out of the oven, place one more cup underneath them and serve! You might enjoy a little honey butter on the top of the cornbread.

This is such a tasty way to enjoy chili and cornbread! The only thing better would probably have to be, well, homemade.

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  1. Anne

    How about that Chili recipe?

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