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Mini Pizzas With Mini Pepperoni Recipe

I was pretty sure that mini pizzas could not possibly be any cuter until I met…


Hormel’s Pepperoni Minis. Are you kidding me? These are the cutest ever. When did these come out? I missed the commercial. I’ll bet it was the cutest commercial ever. Had to make some mini pizzas with these as soon as possible and with all of this French cooking I’ve been suffering through, as easy as possible. I’m considering it a mini reward.


Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Pillsbury biscuits for the  pizza doughs. Perfect!

After coating the cookie sheet with non-stick spray, we put the biscuits on the tray & flattened each one down. We? Yes, pizza draws teenagers like Cabernet draws fruit flies. Both of my kids wanted to help with this one. Where were they when I was making Pommes Normande En Belle Vue??

We used Boboli pizza sauce. By the way, I just looked up the translation for Boboli and it means Boboli. Just in case you were wondering.

We spread the sauce out just a little.

Do you see how cute these are? OMG, I wonder what else could be made mini. Mini black olives? Mini mushrooms? The possibilities are endless!

Mega cheese on mini pizzas.

More mini pepperoni! Take ten. They’re small.

After about 15-20 minutes, these cuties came out of the oven. The great thing about mini party food is that you can try one of everything!

Happy football season to you. More football mini recipes coming soon.

Check this out – Seahawks Jones Cola! Wonder if they taste like dirt, AstroTurf, pigskin and helmet sweat.

Mini Jones Cola… imagine.

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