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Easy French Dips Recipe

Easy peezy French dips! What could be better? Well, mini French dips, of course.

What kind of beef should I buy? Chuck roast is great for slow cooking.

This is a recipe that you can place in the slow cooker in the morning and have ready to eat by 4pm (about 6 1/2 hours).

Place your choice of beef cut into a slow cooker.


I love my Crockpot because it is large, pretty and cooks very well. I have tried the digital crockpots and I have found that they are temperamental and tend to cook to fast or too slow.

Next, take a jar of Johnny’s Au Jus Concentrate and pour the whole container of au jus over the roast.


Then fill the au jus container with water and pour the water around the roast.


The easy way to continue seasoning your roast is to shake some sea salt and freshly ground pepper over the top or you can go all out with some fresh herbs such as rosemary, basil, and thyme. Garlic is always tasty too. After roast is seasoned, just place the lid on and turn the slowcooker on low. Be sure that your slowcooker is plugged in too… not that I would ever know what it like to forget to check that little detail! 🙂


What’s that smell? Oh yes… that is the sweet smell of me being organized enough to have dinner already cooking!


In between eight and ten ours later, you have roast beef and au jus for your mini dippers!


After your roast is tender and can be torn apart easily with just a fork, you can begin buttering some mini French rolls and then place them into a frying pan on medium heat so that they become toasty.


Ours were “Seattle International French Rolls” from Franz Bakery.




After breaking the roast into sandwich friendly pieces, place about three ounces on each mini French roll. Scoop up some of the awesome au jus into a cup or small bowl and serve with the mini dippers.


Ready to enjoy! Oui? Take two, they’re small!

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