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Life is Good Unless You’re a Lobster

I am a happy girl as I sit here in front of my Mac, sipping hot coffee from my “Life is Good” mug.


I love “Life is Good” products. They remind me of the simple truth that life really is good every time that I use them. I went to a store that was going out of business the other day hoping to scoop up a new “Life is Good” shirt and, instead, walked out with the “Life is Good” display coffee table for the inn! I’ve been looking for the perfect coffee table for months and finally fell in love with this one! 🙂 Ahhh… life really is good.


I heart having a small business! You get to meet such great people. I went to a tourism meeting this week and met the Mayor of Mercer Island, Jim Pearman; the project planner of Grimaldi’s Coffee House, Tanya Alter and Will Parkinson from the Hilton Garden Inn in Issaquah. What great people! I’ve found that most business owners are big-hearted people who really want to make a difference in the world.

On a side note, I had to take a Jag to the meeting. Bummer, huh? It was a lot of fun to drive. I’ve always liked the look of Jaguars but, whoa baby, do they drive nice and it had an awesome stereo too!

It has been a busy week since as well. We celebrated a birthday with a shin-dig and cooked a live lobster. Here’s the scoop in picture form:

Poor little guy

Sunburned after about 45 minutes of boiling (about 12 minutes per pound)

I know, I know but I just couldn’t resist. Me? I have officially decided that I do not like lobster. I wish I liked red wine and lobster but I do not enjoy either one so I had Jack & the Box tacos for dinner. There is no hope for me.

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