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Flower Cookies For Baby Shower


About one year ago, I attended a baby shower for my friend who I have known for over 30 years…


Me, Linda (Madison’s mommy) and our friend Lori in back

I know, right? You’re thinking that we look 30 but we met when we were like 10.

4557784533_93eaac4dee_o (1)

Anyhow, I thought you might enjoy checking out the cookies I made for her baby shower. The colors for the shower were chocolate brown and pink, so I came up with these sweet little numbers.

4558415542_5f202835fa_o (1)

I used my basic sugar cookie recipe, fondant, chocolate fondant, ribbons, circle & flower cookie cutters of various sizes, Wilton sticks, clear bags & some icing.

4558415662_b9633b0206_o (1)

A helpful trick is to create about 5 or six styles and then repeat the patterns again & again to make a beautiful, matching bouquet.

4557784609_694ac46dd9_o (1)

Pretty enough to eat.

4558415616_3fd274bd04_o (1)

(picture missing)

…and just for fun, here is the package for baby Madison’s gift. I’m sure that my fellow scrapbookers will understand my excitement. I used about 4×4 size boxes to make baby blocks and filled each with gifts and had a fluffy bunny popping out of the top. It was a lot of fun. If you enjoy going over the top like I do, I’m sure you’ll take this on for the next baby shower you attend. Although everyone there might think you are crazy, I will understand your need to go over the top with your creativity. You have a friend here, indeed!

This week is Madison’s first birthday. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

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